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Toyama, Inc. started in November, 1995 as the exclusive distributor of Japan Onkyo products in the Philippines. Starting with 4 personnel dedicated to the task of making Onkyo a byword in the Philippine Audio/ Video industry, Toyama, Inc. had rapidly built its name as one of the formidable key players in the audio/video industry in the Philippines.


Today, Toyama, Inc. has already become an icon in the international audio business and has acquired the exclusive distributorship of other prestigious audio-related product brands such as:

  • BOWERS & WILKINS Loudspeakers - England

  • ONKYO Home Cinema Systems – Japan

  • CLASSE High-performance music and theatre components - Canada

  • LINN High-End Music systems – Scotland

  • AUDIOQUEST Cables- U.S.A.


With this formidable line-up of world-renowned brands, Toyama is continually expanding to fulfill its mission of providing quality Audio / Video and Home Theatre products to Filipino audio and videophiles that are affordable under one company.


At present, Toyama, Inc. distributes its exclusive brands to about dealers in the entire archipelago, and is still expanding its distribution network. Each dealer is strategically located to maximize product exposure and serviceability.

Most of the dealers are concentrated in Metro Manila while selected dealers are also appointed for every special province that has good market potential for its products.

Also, Toyama, Inc. has already established itself as a distributor with an excellent product and market knowledge and impeccable after sales support to cater to the needs of its present line-up of authorized dealers.


With the company’s continued growth, its workforce has increased to a staff of nearly 30 competent and well-trained personnel. It constructed its own impressive office building in Quezon City in January 1996, and moved its operation to said building in March, 1997.


With the whole-hearted dedication, aggressiveness and perseverance of its workforce, in less than nine (9) years time, Toyama, Inc. has already gained quite a reputation and has established itself as an icon in the Philippine Audio / Video industry.

We will provide Filipino audio and videophiles with a one stop shop of quality Audio/ Video and Home Theater products with impeccable service that they will enjoy.

We will achieve this by strengthening our commitment to provide quality products and after sales service to our customers.


We will continue to expand our network by superior relationship with our business partners and diversify our products to increase our market share and give our customers quality products at affordable prices to achieve leadership and profitability.

We are committed to give quality products by innovation, diversification and superior customer satisfaction, making us one of the leading distributors of Audio Video lines.​
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