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Fantastically neutral, highly resolving, wonderfully transparent: AudioQuest Columbia interconnects remain a go-to favorite for audiophiles, and for very good reason, not the least of which is the real-world price. To start, Columbia uses AudioQuests's top-grade solid copper conductors – Perfect-Surface Copper+ – and adds an additional layer to the Noise-Dissipation System found in the company's renowned Diamondback and King Cobra models.


In addition, Columbia employs AQ's patented Dielectric-Bias System to dramatically lower the noise floor and smooth frequency response. Plus, upgraded connectors (see picture) offering a much more sophisticated and sonically taut design than the competition further enhance musicality. The end result is a spectacular cable that grants music blacker backgrounds, improved nuance and texture, and greater dynamic contrasts. High-end design and performance at a cost that, discounted by 40%, translates to one of the best values Music Direct has ever offered.

Audioquest Columbia RCA-RCA

₱35,775.00 Regular Price
₱15,000.00Sale Price
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