The Sky interconnects uses solid silver conductors. Audioquest calls these "Perfect Surface Silver" or PSS for short. There are three PSS 20-gauge solid core wires in the Sky interconnect. If the interconnect is used in the XLR balanced configuration, the three conductors correlate to the three pins of the XLR plug. In the RCA/single-ended format, the third conductor is connected to ground at both ends of the cable.


Therefore, you have a single 20-gauge solid silver wire for the positive, and two 20-gauge solid core wires for the negative. This is what Audioquest calls "triple balanced". The Teflon™ insulation is larger in internal diamteter than the 20 gauge wires, meaning that most of the "insulation" around the silver wires is air—this significantly minimizes the time-smearing characteristics of the dielectric.

Audioquest Sky w/ 72DBS XLR 2Meters

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