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The AVR-1602 has your surround options covered with Dolby Digital and DTS decoding for digital home theater sources like DVD, HDTV, and select satellite TV broadcasts. You also get Dolby Pro Logic II processing, which creates a realistic 5.1-channel experience from Dolby Surround-encoded sources, and even stereo music! Cinema EQ optimizes movie soundtracks for home theater-sized rooms. And seven DSP modes let you pick the ambience of your choice to enhance music, movies, TV audio, and even video games!

You'll always be treated to clear, dynamic sound thanks to 70 full-bandwidth-rated watts x 5 channels of high-current Denon amplification! A generous supply of inputs and outputs (detailed in "Key Features" below) lets you build a killer system, and 40 AM/FM presets give you easy access to all your favorite radio stations. And thanks to the easy-to-use multibrand remote, controlling this receiver is a cinch!

Denon AVR-1602 A/V receiver with Dolby® Digital, DTS, Pro Logic II (Rusted)

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