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An AV amplifier equipped with a Dolby digital and DTS signal decoder, and also equipped with new technology for DVD-Audio.

The 24-bit HD (High Definition) DSP in the DSP section realizes high-quality decoding of Dolby digital and DTS signals.
In addition, it is equipped with a 5.1 ch analog input terminal and can be extended to DVD-Audio and SACD.

WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology), a new wide-range technology, was introduced to support DVD-Audio.
At WRAT, by examining the parts and circuit configuration, dependence on NFB circuits is eliminated as much as possible, and a wide range of bare characteristics is achieved.

The TX-DS575 takes note of the fact that the audio signal passing through the amplifier itself changes the ground potential, so it is possible to propagate the audio signal more accurately. The TX-DS 200 takes note of the fact that the audio signal itself that passes through the amplifier itself changes the ground potential, so it is possible to stabilize the signal by closing the entire network into a loop.

Focusing on interference with sound field reproduction caused by the back electromotive force of speakers, we aim to expand the distortion factor and frequency characteristics by eliminating dependence on NFB circuit as much as possible.

HICC (High Instantaneous Current Capability) is used to drive the speakers accurately even under various conditions caused by rapidly changing audio signals, so that a large current can be supplied instantaneously.

The D/A converter is equipped with a 96kHz/24bitD/A converter.

Equipped with a cinema re-equalizer (Re-EQ), it reduces the high-frequency components that are emphasized in DVD-Video, which is made based on the playback environment of movie theaters, to obtain more natural playback sound.

Includes Dolby Digital, DTS Digital, DTS, and Dolby Prologic.
There are five original surround modes for listening to music sources : Orchestra, Unplugged, Studio-Mix, 5 ch Stereo and TV Logic.

Equipped with a late night function that reduces the dynamic range during low-volume playback (Dolby Digital Only)

It is equipped with a front effect function that cuts off the additional functions of DSP processing when playing back a source that has been pre-processed in the sound source itself, such as a live concert.

You can adjust two types of speaker settings : level and distance.

It is equipped with a Dimmer function to change the brightness of the display.

Equipped with an FM/AM tuner equipped with 30-station preset and auto-tuning function.

It comes with a wireless remote control equipped with not only a learning function to learn the main operation of other devices, but also a macro function to memorize continuous remote control operations with one button.

Onkyo TX-DS575 A/V receiver (with Remote)