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The TX-NR1010 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver from Onkyo comes from the descendants of a long line of strong A/V products. At the heart of your home cinema system, as well as providing superb stereo playback for music, the TX-NR1010 brings a lot to the table

With access to both free and subscription audio streaming services, such as Spotify Premium, and connectivity for smartphones, tablets, and PC via DLNA or Bluetooth, this receiver smoothly integrates with users' digital lifestyles and distributes entertainment throughout the home.

Because of the importance of superior usability in the connected home, Onkyo has been working with Cisco to incorporate SimpleTap, a technology that delivers better connectivity and control experiences to you. Multi-room operation has also been enhanced by adding Zone2 HDMI connectivity, so removing the need for a secondary analog connection in order to access audio in a second zone. Powered audio is available in up to three zones simultaneously with multi-zone playback and setting controls managed by remote iPhone and Android apps.

For optimum video performance, the unit incorporates a dual core video engine. This system pairs the HQV Vida VHD1900 module with Marvell's Qdeo technology for seamless upscaling to 4K. Onboard ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) video calibration further enhances smooth and vivid picture quality.

Onkyo has engineered the TX-NR1010 to not only be loaded with features but also the easiest to set up and use. The 1080p overlaid display with quick setup function enables fast mid-program adjustment, while remote control apps for Android powered phones and iPhone offer instant access to system settings, as well as playback control from anywhere in the home.

TX-NR1010 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver (with Remote)