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Onkyo's powerful TX-SR500 delivers all the high-impact excitement and realistic three-dimensionality that Dolby® Digital and DTS® have to offer. Quality amplification is key. Not only does the TX-SR500 give you 65 watts x 5 channels, but it features Onkyo's high-current Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT) to maximize signal accuracy with high-res sources like DVD-Audio and SACD. And its oversized internal components and anti-resonant chassis are critical when Dolby Digital's dynamic peaks start rocking your home theater.

An advanced 24-bit Crystal processor provides precise decoding for all 5.1-channel sources. And Dolby® Pro Logic™ II lets you transform stereo and Dolby Surround-encoded sources into convincing 5.1-channel sound. You also get 9 DSP modes that let you enhance your movies and music with the ambience of your choice. And Onkyo's CinemaFILTER adjusts the tonal balance of soundtracks mixed for movie theaters, for optimal playback in home theater settings.

The TX-SR500 also provides three digital inputs, plenty of ins and outs for all your analog sources, a 5.1-channel analog input for multichannel audio, and a front-panel A/V input with S-video for quick hookup of a camcorder or other portable device. Two sets of main speaker outputs let you hook up stereo speakers in two rooms.

TX-SR500 A/V receiver with Dolby Digital, DTS, & Dolby Pro Logic II (with Remote